Leonard Wright

Dr. Leonard Wright is a Doctor of Chiropractic for Parker Performance Institute, where he oversees patient care. With more than 5 years of experience in rehabilitation, sport performance and chiropractic care, Dr. Leonard Wright has a well-rounded background in helping his patients. During his brief athletic career, he suffered multiple concussions. These concussions caused many symptoms that impacted his academic and personal health. As he went through his educational career, he was exposed to many different skilled doctors and educators that showed him different approaches to clinical neurorehabilitation that helped him heal from his own post-concussion symptoms. This experience and education helped lead him to his pursuit of understanding neurological function. This led to the creation of a complete and evidence-based functional exam that gives us the ability to fully evaluate patients experiencing neurological difficulties related to any of the 7 different phenotypes of neurological dysfunction. Best practice suggests an evaluation should include Cognitive, Oculomotor, Affective/Mood, Cervical, Head/proprioceptive, Cardiovascular/autonomic, and Vestibular systems. He believes that the most powerful tool for his patients is educating them on their condition so that they feel empowered to help fix the problem. He believes that if you understand how to improve yourself, you will have success no matter the level of sport you engage in. He feels very inspired by what he does at Parker Performance Institute to help his clients balance their brain and body so they can perform the best in whatever it is they love to do.

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