Katheron Intson

Dr. Intson is a neuropharmacologist who received her doctorate from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. During her Ph.D., she was recognized as an Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholar, publishing in the diverse areas of synaptic plasticity, neurophysiological impacts of stress, translational biomarkers of rare diseases, and COVID-19.  In precision medicine, she has played roles spanning strategy, feasibility, and design in future gene therapies for those living with genetic neurological diseases. In 2022, she founded the precision health technology company Varient, which provides treatment decision support for those with rare genetic mutations. Varient became venture-backed in the same year and launched support for its first nine diseases in 2023.  Dr. Intson’s current interests encompass the characterization and treatment of rare pediatric ion channelopathies. She is a Scientific Advisor to several patient advocacy groups and loves interacting directly with patients.

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